About Trevor

What is Trevor?

A game of skill and chance. Most football fans believe they have a reasonable chance of forecasting how the premier league table will look at the end of the season. This is an incorrect assumption. The top, bottom and mid-table slots might be relatively forecastable (skill) but the exact positions are not (chance).

How do I play?

What is the probability of winning the jackpot?

We don’t know (suggestions welcome). Whatever the exact number is, we’re sure that it’s a vanishingly small one - if every single person in the world (not just football fans) played Trevor, the chances are that no one would win the jackpot. The jackpot fund is underwritten on this basis.

So what’s the point in playing?

What’s the history?

Originally played on paper for pride alone, two friends have been quietly playing Trevor for more than 10 seasons. This online version takes the hard work out of seeing who is ‘most right’ and opens the game up to whoever wishes to play.

What’s the future?

We don’t know, but we’re constantly tinkering with the format and have got various ideas which we’ll try out during the season, we welcome your feedback. Check this page or our twitter account for updates.

What’s your twitter handle?



Don’t have

Is Trevor a real person?


Who is behind Trevor?

Whatever Trevor Ltd. is a UK registered company, jointly owned by Marcus du Sautoy (mathematician), Seb Bacon (programmer) and Stanley Wilson (go between).

Will you sell my data to 3rd party companies or send me unsolicited communications?

No. You can read about the owners of Whatever Trevor Ltd. on the internet - we’re genuine people doing something we love for fun.

Is there any other catch I should be aware of?

The only catch is that you’re not likely to win the jackpot, for the reasons listed above.